Editor’s note

Hello everyone!

Sightseer  is a site designed to show you my “bucket list” places like Scottish Edinburgh or Glasgow but it also contains photos and memories from countries that i already visited.

Due to the fact that i was born in Poland, i really love to trip within the country. Also, I live, study and work for 5 years in amazing Wroclaw, hence you may find here a lot of Wroclove besties.

Please note that i plan all my travels very carefully and as such i prepare those “bucket lists” which is actually a nice way to start traveling. I always want more and more! I will post all the reviewed lists and add something that should be included there.

Someone smart once said that every adventure start with a first step. This is my mantra from few years now and i do not think it will change anytime soon.

I also love photography, which is a part of my life everywhere.

I hope you will enjoy those few minutes here. Have a lovely day.




My “must-see and do” List

  1. To see the Japanese blooming Sekura trees  and to try the real Sake.
  2. To climb on the Europe Mountain Crown.
  3. To visit Denmark and check whether the Hygge ideology is true 🙂
  4. To see the Aurora on the sky and to visit Reykjavik.
  5. To see a native Scotsman playing on Bagpipes and to climb the Arthur’s Seat.
  6. To see Kellvingrove Museum.
  7. To see Louvre and take a look from Eiffel Tower- DONE
  8. To sail Seine- DONE
  9. To see a tropical island and it’s wild life. (or maybe hug a lemur and feed a giraffe? 🙂 ) – DONE
  10. To skydive.
  11. To scubadive.
  12. To jump from Wroclaw’s stadium.
  13. To visit all capitals of Europe. (almost half already done)
  14. To climb Rysy- Polish highest mountain – DONE
  15. To speak fluently in Spanish.
  16. To visit Sagrada Familia and to see Gaudi Park- DONE, but i want to visit it again.
  17. To eat an “eatable” worm ( i.e. travel to Vietnam)
  18. To see the Chinese bridge.
  19. To see Tokyo.
  20. To fly a Ballon.
  21. To become a professional photographer.
  22. To see and live few days in New York.
  23. To ride an Elephant in Bali.
  24. To ride a rickshaw in India.
  25. To drink a bear on Octoberfest
  26. To see a horse raise and bet on it.
  27. To … be continued…